How to Order a Repeat Prescription

You can now order your repeat prescriptions ONLINE using SystmOnline.

To find out more information and to register for this service, please click here.

When ordering online, please allow two full working days i.e 48 hours (excluding weekends) for your prescription to be ready. 

Please note for requests received after 12md, the 2 working days will commence on the following working day.if these are going to be sent directly to the pharmacy please allow them additional time to prepare your medication.


Repeat Prescriptions

We have moved to the  Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) this means that we can now send your prescription electronically to your chosen pharmacy rather than printing it on paper and taking it to the pharmacy. For more information about this service please click on the link below: 

EPS Information

Please allow two working days (48 hours) for the issue of repeat prescriptions.  

Repeat prescriptions are usually arranged if you are on regular medication.  Repeat prescriptions are stored by the doctor on your record on the computer and this allows you to have a certain number of prescriptions before being seen again.  You will be given a slip with all your repeat medications on it and you will need to tick which medications your require about a week (minimum of 2 working days) before you run out and return this to the practice (or chosen pharmacy) for your next set of medications to be issued.  Each time you receive a repeat prescription you will normally be given one months supply of medication. Please note for requests received after 12 mid day, the 2 working days will commence on the following working day.


Repeat Request

Please allow 48 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your request to be processed. Any problems please email or telephone the surgery.


How can I re-order my medication? 

When you require a repeat prescription, tick the items you require and then either post the slip in the box in the front entrance lobby, post it through the letterbox or fax to 01480 403524.

Unfortunately to avoid errors we are unable to accept requests for repeat medication over the phone.

Click here to order your repeat prescription online

The prescription will usually be available at reception in 48 hours but you should allow longer if there is a possible query.

You may pick up your medication directly from the on site pharmacy (Lloyds) at your request.  Alternatively, we work closely with Lloyds, Boots and Tesco pharmacies stores in St Neots and the pharmacy in Little Paxton who offer repeat prescription services.  You will need to register with the pharmacy of your choice if you would like your prescription collected by them. 

We are now operating the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which means that your completed prescription can be set electronically to your nominated pharmacy rather than an actual prescription being printed and transported to the pharmacy. To benefit form the service you will need to nominate a pharmacy to handle your prescriptions.

You may also post your request slip to us with a self addressed envelope if you would like the prescription sent to you. Please allow a week for this service.


How much medication will I get at one time?

We will issue twenty-eight days medication at one time unless there is specific reason for a longer prescription. 


What does the medication review date mean?

After a number of repeat prescriptions, you will need to see the doctor again to review your medication. A message will appear on your repeat slip informing you of your review date. It is to your benefit that your treatment is reviewed regularly so please take notice of this message when it appears and book a routine appointment with your normal doctor for this specific purpose.


The hospital have prescribed some medication and I need to continue taking it...

We will normally receive confirmation of this from the hospital and can therefore amend your repeat slip accordingly; however there are sometimes delays in communication from the hospital. If we have not received the information by the time you require a repeat we will contact the hospital to confirm any new prescriptions. In these circumstances repeat prescriptions may take more than 48 hours.


I’ve recently registered and need to obtain some repeat medication...

If you are able to give us a copy of the request slip from your old surgery we can issue one months supply of drugs. You will then need to book an appointment with the Doctor to review your medications with you and to set up a repeat prescription.


Can I have something that is not on my repeat slip?

Normally you would need to see your doctor or a member of the nursing team for anything to be added to your repeat medications. However, if the medication is something that has previously been prescribed for you, this maybe possible. You will need to note the request on your repeat slip. Please note that this type of request may take longer than 48 hours to process and the doctor may still need to see you.  


I am going on holiday and need my prescription early...

Normally we don’t issue any prescriptions until a week before the end of your month’s supply. If you are going away and need your prescription early, please put a note on your request informing us of this so that we can issue the prescription ahead of time.


What can I do with medication that I no longer require?

If you have any unused medication that you no longer require or medication that may have gone out of date then this should be returned to your local pharmacy. The practice is unable to take any medication from you as we do not have the facilities to dispose of the items appropriately.